Work from Home Jobs

Don’t waste a minute not being happy. If one window closes, run to the next window or break down a door.

Every job seeks happiness and comfort, in life we all wish to have a prosperous time at home, office or society we live.

We heard only about the hard jobs which enslaves us in particular job site for years or the job profiles that we lose if took an extra leave.

But there are several other work life patterns which is more flexible and now more popular in corporate companies called ” work from home” .

The advantage of this working style is that we can work from home; manage both office duties and personal problems like traveling issues when pregnancy etc.

The office will come to your home in the form of an internet connected laptop and other supporting amenities that available online.

What is WFH (Work From Home) ?

The WFH option works when it is not necessary to be physically present for a job .

Gone are the days when WFH meant you are excused on medical grounds or for some emergency, or, if you are a woman, on maternity leave.

WFH is now an accepted norm in many companies, especially in the IT sector, which believe that this promotes a good work-life balance.

Employees, for instance, says that working from home helps him focus better on his projects to meet deadlines, minus the distraction of any other work that may come his way but is not as urgent.

It also means saving precious hours commuting in the maddening traffic every day.

A critical point taken into account by a number of companies is that most working people complain of not having enough time to spend with their families.

While employees are obviously happy, employers feel that in these times of high attrition rates, such an option helps in retention.

Along with a good pay package and growth opportunity, employees these days are increasingly looking at work culture of a place before deciding on a job.

Advantages of Work From Home

“The work from home option is not feasible for all sectors. Only those in which there is minimum personal interaction required, like in some departments of the IT sector, or in copy editing and telemarketing, it work.

But the industry experts in India however said that the lack of flexibility will create problems, especially for the women employees.

  • Improved employee retention — home working can help retain working parents with childcare responsibilities.
  • Access to a wider pool of applicants — for example, disabled people who may prefer to work from home.
  • Possible productivity gains — due to fewer interruptions and less commuting time.
  • Increased staff motivation — with reduced stress and sickness levels.
  • Financial benefits — savings on office space and other facilities.
  • Convenience — ability to locate sales staff near clients rather than in your premises.
  • Better work/life balance — employees working from home can lead to improvements in health and well-being.

Limitations of Work From Home

  • Difficulty monitoring performance
  • Performance issues
  • Cost of working from home
  • Problems with staff development
  • Information security risk
  • Increased telecommunications costs
  • Communication problems
  • Decreased staff morale
  • Not all jobs suit home working

What are the Work From Home Jobs?

Virtual assistant, Medical transcriptionist, Translator, Web developer/designer, Call centre representative, Tech support specialist, Travel agent, Teacher, Writer/editor, Franchise owner, Social media manager, Child care provider, Graphic designer, Short-term rental host, Website tester are some of the work from home jobs that can be done.

Digital marketing agency in kerala also prefers expert social media managers to manage their work from home.

But the information security risk and isolated job location of employees create threat to companies in small extent.

In the age of hyper connectivity, work-home walls will break .

The new work culture that favours employee satisfaction and more employer productivity replaces normal offices.

Many people including students and home makers are making good revenue with their available home office .

Job aspirants applying to best digital marketing companies job now look for work from home career and be a good employee cum family person with all financial advantages.

Change is inevitable and talent need good accommodation in jobs and career growth.




The Inventiv Hub is a full service digital agency in Kerala, India.

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The Inventiv Hub is a full service digital agency in Kerala, India.

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